„By approaching golf instructions differently,
we will help you to improve your game “
– A promise by the founders

Mission & Vision

We founded Masteryourgolf.com with the strong desire to approach golf instruction differently. We want to teach people how to teach themselves; to help you as a golfer to become self-reliant.

We provide you the necessary tools to improve your game – all in one place. With the use of evidence-based material and our Smart Swing Analyzer, we give you a better understanding of your golf swing. By providing side-by-side comparison and hundreds of videos, you will learn the essential corridors and parameters of a good golf swing. Beginners and advanced players alike will find useful fixes, daily/long term drills and regimented practice programs.

To master your golf, you only need two things: world-class information and yourself. Join us on your journey toward playing your best golf.

The Team

Craig Hanson

The Professional

With more than 30.000 lessons and 14 professional event wins, Craig utilizes facts and evidence-based material to assist you in teaching yourself. Having worked with many tour professionals and world-class amateur players, his ability to make a complex golf topic easily understood, is the very essence of the videos and instructions you will find on Masteryourgolf.

Volker Schmidt

The Strategist

Since bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he has given life to multiple projects and has participated in building startups on a global scale. Being a passionate golfer who has certainly worked in golf more than playing golf – a fact you can see in his golf swing – he is responsible for strategy and future development of Masteryourgolf.

Bernd Otter

The Technologist

Bernd is a serial tech-entrepreneur and loves to transform innovative ideas into great pieces of software. He’s eager to learn what this world has to offer and is convinced that, with dedication and a bit of work, anything is possible. Building Masteryourgolf, he is in charge of the magic that happens behind the curtain so that you can truly enjoy the experience with a metaphorical click of a button.

Julian Zarges

The Visualizer

Being a junior golfer himself and passionate about digital visualization, he joined Masteryourgolf even before the company was founded. Without his editorial skills and effort to graphically enhance 350+ videos in our system, all of you wouldn’t be able to watch those cool and insightful videos.