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Online Golf Instruction


Master your pitching  – free golf instruction

by Masteryourgolf.com


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Trusted by professional golf instructors

“Top quality instruction with amazing production and graphics. Combining this with the ability to analyse my own swing makes this a unique product and a thoroughly enjoyable instructional experience which will improve anyone’s golf game”

thumb_01_60_60ROBBIE CANNON

Irish Amateur Champion and Owner of
Cannon Performance / TPI FP3

“Craig Hanson is without a doubt one of best Professional Instructors in the world golf. What a amazing self teaching platform. I can only recommend any aspiring golfer at what ever level to join master your golf.

thumb_01_60_60ROBIN SYMES

Leading Professional Instructor – Teacher of the US ladies open champion – Na Yeon Choi

Master Your Pitching Game In Our 14 Day Free Trial Golf Instruction Series
– Full Access To a complete golf instruction series & practice program –


“Other platforms make you pay for this content – the depth and knowledge you will learn is
incomparable in the market and therefore game-changing for your golf – and it’s free”

Our 14 days free golf instruction trial is giving you access to our platform for a specific area – the Pitching Game.
Download our Mobile App, record your pitching and compare yourself to the greatest in the game.
With over 15 Videos on pitching alone, you will accelerate your game within just 2 weeks.
Regiment practice programs will guide you even in our free trial towards specific tips and drills.


– Pitching was never easier –
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Masteryourgolf is your complete golf instruction platform that accelerates your golf game

Tour Professionals Approve
“This is without a doubt the best self teaching platform in the world. Its simply amazing. Finally something that gives all golfers the true facts the true corridors to play better golf. Brilliant!

thumb_01_60_60PAUL SPARGO

International Tour Pro/ Professional Instructor

“Masteryourgolf is a game changer – simple as that. The ability to analyse my own swing and ultimately choach myself makes all the difference. It incorporates tremendous values from the founders and the depth of the instruction videos is second to none”

thumb_01_60_60NADIA ETTABAA

International Golf Professional

Our Mission is to make you a better golfer

Watch & Learn

Hundreds of videos with side-by-side comparison will educate you on the fundamentals in the game of golf

Analyze & Recognize

Record and analyze your own swing. Understand your patterns and learn the tendencies in your game

Practice & Execute

Regiminet practice programs and training drills/fixes will guide on your journey to play your best golf